Mindful Miracles Spiritual Life Coaching
with Rev. Deb Phelps

Are you needing a sense of direction in your life?
Do you want to deepen your spiritual practice so you walk the world more peacefully?
Have you wanted to incorporate meditation into your life but just don’t know how?
Are you open to what it takes to transform into your radiant Self?

As your Spiritual Life Coach, I am here to be truly helpful by allowing you the freedom to explore and share what is on your heart and mind, all the while holding for you a sacred space of non-judgment and unconditional love. I am not here to judge, analyze or give you specific advice, but I will be honest with you as we strengthen your connection to your Divine Source. Together we will bring the Light of Awareness to specific areas in your life and build a structured plan for you to follow.

You will experience a miraculous perspective on everyday situations in your life. With this, you will find a new sense of purpose and inner peace in various areas: personal relationships,  work, finances, and health.

What You Will Receive in Working With Me:

  • Safe, Confidential Atmosphere
  • Compassionate Listening
  • Acceptance 
  • Honest and Authentic Sharing
  • Gentle Guidance and Support in Developing Your Own Plan of Healing with Holy Spirit Accomplished At Your Own Pace
  • Encouragement in Strengthening Your Confidence in Your Connection with Your True Self
  • Practical Application of Spiritual Principles like Forgiveness
  • Stress Management, Realize Personal Goals, or Heal Relationships
  • Exercises, Processes and Meditations to Help You Move Beyond the Blocks

Available either by phone or video conference

Whatever your need, I am here to assist you.

  • Do you need someone to join with you in Truth for Healing? Let me be your personal Healing Circle Facilitator and hold the Light and Love of the Divine, Spirit or whomever spiritual entity you resonate.
  • Do you need some direction in your spiritual walk? I can be your personal Spiritual Director and design a personal program of study with you.
  • I am here to assist to meet with you for an individual session or multiple sessions. I have been a spiritual teacher/minister for 26+ years and a meditation practitioner and instructor for 38+ years.

The number of sessions is up to you. Some individuals need only one session to get back on track where others may find a few sessions help greatly. I leave that decision to you and your Guidance.

Before your session, take about 10 minutes beforehand to set up space where you will be comfortable and able to share freely and openly. Also, use this time to connect with the Divine and set your intention for your session.

Meet with Rev. Deb Phelps

60 minute – Spiritual Life Coaching – $80 per session, or $275 for 4 session package with Rev. Deb

Use the form below to request information, ask questions or set up your first appointment today.

Some comments from those who have worked with Rev. Deb:

“I love the way you approach helping people heal – it is very joining and affirming.”

“You really helped me see where I need to go — in my thoughts, in the relationship, with my Self, and with my Source.  I got so much out of our time together.”

“…it has been REALLY nice for me to talk to someone and I appreciate your authenticity and your caring. You are very understanding and kind, and I find easy to talk to.”

“By sharing your own life experiences, I felt at ease. Thus giving me a new and better perspective on how I look at my life. Your suggestions about journaling and communication with my spouse are well received.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you what it means to me to have someone to just listen to me without trying to fix me. I know I can move through the process if just given the space to do so. Thank you for holding that space.”

“Even though I have been studying Miracles for years, my recent situation left me feeling alone and afraid. I needed to explore and share my feelings without being told to just ‘go to the light’. I know that I needed to release these feelings to the Holy Spirit but I didn’t need to be pushed into doing so. Thank you for your patience.”