What does the word ‘yoga’ mean to you? What emotions or visions does it evoke? When most people think of yoga, images of unattainable flexibility or an overwhelming thought of “I can’t do yoga, I can’t even touch my toes!” may come to mind. My aim as a yoga instructor is to break the stigma or barriers preventing people from practicing yoga; often the people who don’t practice yoga are the ones who need it the most! Our practice changes throughout our life so it’s okay to let our bodies ebb and flow with those changes. Yoga is a path for every body and not just those who are already flexible!

My yoga journey began nearly 10 years ago as a physical supplement to my normal gym routine. I started practicing regularly in a yoga studio about three years ago and fell in love with hot yoga. I fell in love with it so much that I decided to obtain my 200hr YTT! After completing my year long studies through Alignment Yoga Studio and registering with Yoga Alliance, I learned I’ve just barely scraped the surface. There is a whole world I’ve yet to discover in the realm of yoga and want to learn all that I can about it so I can share my knowledge with others!

Sarah is based in Madison, Wisconsin and teaches at Meditate Madison studio.

Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance