Stepping Stones To Meditation Classes

Meditation and Mindfulness Class Options:

Group Instruction via Video Conferencing with themed series

Group Instruction in Madison, Wisconsin with themed series

Mindfulness Class via Video Conferencing

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Our group meditation instruction is held via Video Conferencing with monthly themes starting January 2018.
Our in-person class is held in Madison, Wisconsin Group Instruction beginning in January 2018.

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Meditation for Stress Relief
Meditation for Positive Emotions
Meditation for Well-Being
Overcoming Obstacles in Meditation
Experiencing Different Types of Meditation
and More

Mindfulness Instruction

Our next Mindfulness class will be in April. It will be held in our video conferencing room.

Join us for a learning and practice of mindfulness techniques. Each session will present you with different mindfulness practices and exercises. You will also receive handouts after the class so you can practice at home. Sign up for our email list for upcoming topics.