“There’s a way in which fear can be one of two things—
the great divider or the great gatherer.” ~ Sonia Renee Taylor

There has been lots of chaos of late, and what is that stress doing to us? So this week, let’s take it down a notch and learn to de-stress and remember the peace within.Gathering with others helps us to feel less isolated, of course, but given the world-wide Coronavirus outbreak, we cannot do this in person.

It is important that we continue to support ourselves with practices that will calm, soothe, and relax us. Many mind, body and spirit modalities will do this. We need equanimity more now than ever.

I am committed to offering you continued support to help ease any stress and anxiety that you may feel.

To support my students and clients from all over the country during this pandemic, I am offering various Mind-Body-Spirit online classes throughout the week. These will include meditation instruction, gentle and chair yoga, peaceful wellness, an inspirational talk, Raise Your Vibration meditation and more. Some of these will be live and interactive, and I will record others in advance. Some may be an audio meditation I have recorded that you can use.

Do a class now or do it later, it’s up to you!

You will have access to all recordings from all sessions for as long as you like.

Each day you will have a new feature. Take a look at the curriculum by clicking the button below to see what classes are included this week.


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