Hi folks, sorry for the delay on the Mindful May posts. I received an email requesting I stop using the “Mindful in May” moniker due to another organization using it. I’m reluctantly complying. I posted all of these same mindful thoughts last year with no contact about such. They will now be called “May You Be Mindful.” Disappointing? Yes. But I’m making lemonade instead. Here’s yesterday’s, Today’s will be sent separately. Thank you for your support. – Deb

May You Be Mindful – May 9
Start Your Day with Reflection
Instead of staggering and stumbling through your days, begin each morning in quiet reflection. Find a serene spot where you can go inward without the distractions of television, smartphones or other people.
Connect with your body by asking what it needs. For instance, it might need to stretch or take a brisk walk.
Connect with your mind by asking what it needs. For instance, it might need inspiration or to examine what you’d like to do today.
Ask yourself: “What is the spiritual connection you need to lift your soul?”

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Deb Phelps

Deb has studied and practiced meditation since 1980. In 39 years, she has explored a wide range of different meditation traditions: Mindfulness, Hindi, Buddhist, Centering Prayer, Self-Realization Fellowship, Transformation Meditation, Hindi, Modern Psychology, Yoga, and A Course in Miracles, to name a few. She has several certifications both in meditation and mindfulness. Two of which she was mentored by former Buddhist monks. As a lifelong learner, she continues to attend training for personal and professional growth.


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