In these specialized coaching sessions, I will work with you by using meditation practices, self-reflection exercises, breathing techniques, movement and stretches, sound healing, personalized guided meditations, and various other components.

Your role is to practice the assignments given so you can truly experience an inspiring and affirming shift in your life.

These sessions can be done by phone, in my video conference room, or in-person in Madison, Wisconsin.

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The Benefits

Less stress and anxiety, more peace of mind, gentle movement brought back to your body, and a connection to your inner spirit (no matter what spirituality or religion you follow).

Aren’t you worth spending time on bringing yourself into balance so you can be available to your family and friends? We must start with ourselves, just as they say on 
flights, put your own oxygen mask on first.

Self-Compassion | 8 Session Package

In these sessions, you will learn to cultivate self-compassion using meditation, particularly Loving-Kindness, and daily life practices. You will learn essential tools for treating yourself in a kind, compassionate way whenever you suffer, fail or feel inadequate.

Anxiety & Stress Reduction | 8 Session Package

In these sessions, you will learn to effectively counter a stressful life or emotional or physical pain using meditation, yoga, breathing, and other practices. The tools you will learn will help you in slowing down the “stress steam-train.” If you are dealing with depression, this program can work hand in hand with your therapy treatment plan.

Bringing Balance to Your Life | 4 Session Package

In these sessions, you will learn to look towards balance in the many aspects of your life. When we are balanced in our mind, body and spirit, we experience comfort and clarity without pressure from our external and internal worlds. The tools you will learn will assist you to soften expectations, say “No” when you need to do so, and to ground and center yourself in any situation.

Accessing Inner Wisdom | 4 Session Package

In these sessions, you will learn how to hear nudges from your soul or spirit guides and follow their lead. We will work specifically with meditation and sound healing in these sessions. When you begin to start following your Inner Guidance, wonderful and unexpected experiences can occur.

Releasing Negative Thoughts & Beliefs | 4 Session Package

In these sessions, you will learn tools to assist you in shifting from focus on the negative to those of the positive. Negative thinking blocks us from our manifesting our own good in our lives. You are entitled to a good and prosperous life. Believe it!

Forgiving & Healing Relationships | 4 or 8 Session Packages

In these sessions, you will learn the power of forgiveness and how it can assist you in healing your relationships, past and present, in your mind. We will use tools of mindfulness, Loving-Kindness, and other meditation practices as well as helpful exercises and materials that will have you see life from a different perspective.

Create Your Own Package

We can also create a package together in any area of your choice. It could be working with meditation, yoga, spiritual studies. Let’s have a conversation and decide what would work best for you.

4 Session Packages are $259 and 8 Session Packages are $399

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Deb Phelps

Deb has studied and practiced meditation since 1980. In 39 years, she has explored a wide range of different meditation traditions: Mindfulness, Hindi, Buddhist, Centering Prayer, Self-Realization Fellowship, Transformation Meditation, Hindi, Modern Psychology, Yoga, and A Course in Miracles, to name a few. She has several certifications both in meditation and mindfulness. Two of which she was mentored by former Buddhist monks. As a lifelong learner, she continues to attend training for personal and professional growth.


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