In recent times, evidence suggests that being mindful or being aware of the present moment without judgments, allows the body to become enhanced in the following ways:

  • Enhance a sense of clarity
  • Increase empathy
  • Increase satisfaction in relationships
  • Improve immune function

When you focus on improving the quality of your life and becoming aware of the present moment in conjunction with your openness, acceptance, curiosity and love toward your ongoing experiences you tend to improve your body, mind, and relationships.

In order to tap into the opportunity to use Mindfulness for enhancing sights, sounds and smells, let’s take a look at a few things to keep in mind:

  • Focus attention on the description of your experiences and not on the analytics
  • Try to make distinctions between describing it and not judging it, evaluating it or comparing to other experiences
  • Be curious about the sights, sounds and smells. Don’t elicit detailed explanation but inquire more and accept what you are sensing.
  • What are the observations you made? Did you notice anything different
  • What did you hear when you listened mindfully?
  • What did you see?
  • What did you smell?

When you use Mindfulness to experience these senses versus the way you normally sense things, there should be distinctions between your levels of awareness.

Mindfulness, being experienced in this realm, allows you to look at things in the present and doesn’t bring forward any memories of the past of plans for the future.  You are experiencing and therefore can provide a description and not a narrative explanation.

This type of Mindfulness can be described as a non-conceptual awareness.  This gives you the sense of knowing ahead of time and after constructions, observations and even sensations.  Looking at things in a new light and become a freeing experience in that it allows you to rid yourself of prior learnings and habit.

With the ability to re-direct your thoughts that have to do with your sights, sound and smell senses, imagine the possibilities you open up in ways that you can make differences in your life.

What if you are someone who is trying to lose weight?  Think what would happen if you looked at food differently because of the new thoughts you have about it.

If you are scared and have a phobia, think what it would be like to turn the sense into a positive instead of a negative?  If you were afraid of a certain sight, for example, imagine how much better your life would be when you aren’t afraid any longer?

Your mind will eventually integrate the new thoughts by replacing the old ones.  You are training it to tell the difference between awareness disassociations and differentiated components of mental experience.  By creating this integrated state you can see movement toward your mental well-being.

When you use Mindfulness to experience the sights, sounds and smells in your world, you are altering your relationship with the self and your own mind.  You are creating new “information flow” in the course of daily life.


How We Can Help

Here at Meditation Stepping Stones, our meditation classes assist you with learning to be mindful in your life. You can learn more about our classes below.

Our current classes:

Meditation  – Wednesdays at 7 pm Central Time in Virtual Classroom

Mindfulness – Mondays at 11 am Central Time in Virtual Classroom(Next class in April)

Meditation – Every other Saturday at 10:30 am in Madison, Wisconsin

For the online classes, be sure to use the link to register for each class session you attend. This helps me to know in advance who is attending. You will receive the link for the conference automatically from the system.

Personal Sessions – The personal sessions will run similarly as well except it will be only you and myself meeting. You will have more time to ask questions, work intimately together on goals, right technique, receive worksheets and other easy assignments to help you grow in your meditation practice.

Access our Meditation Pebbles Podcast for easy five minute practices you can do easily.

If you have further questions, use the contact form here on the website. I’m happy to answer any questions may have.

We have two Facebook Groups you could join so you can ask questions, share with others and receive support.


Our Meditate Madison Facebook Group for our studio here in Madison.

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Our Meditation Stepping Stones Facebook Group for people all over the world.

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