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Meditation for Everyone! Our mission is to provide a serene, safe, and welcoming space where students can explore various methods of meditation and mindfulness to develop their own personal meditation practice. We assist students on their journey to inner peace step by step. Through the transformation that meditation bestows, students can create a calm and peaceful mind, an open and compassionate heart, and a feeling of self-acceptance in their lives.



As a lifelong learner, I appreciate learning various meditation techniques and have for over 40 years. I am open to new and exciting approaches to a practice that has graced my life since the age of 16. I hope to continue to inspire others to embrace sitting on the cushion and taking the time for peace. I know that there is a desperate need right now for a calmer way to live in our seemingly chaotic world.  I have had many tragedies in my life, and I know meditation is what continued to help me to heal over the years. I am committed to assisting you in bringing the same transformation into your life so you may experience a steady calm and sense of peace.  

~ Deb Phelps, C.MI, MMT, RYT 500, LVCYT
– Founder of Meditate with Deb and Owner of Peaceful Wellness Studio

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Personalized Guided Meditation

Includes a 20-minute session to determine your goal and scope of your personalized meditation.

Personalized Guided Meditation $100


Crown Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation is for your crown chakra so it can be brought back into balance. (30 minutes)

Guided by Deb Phelps



Self-Compassion with Loving-Kindness Guided Meditation

This guided meditation is a variance on the classic lovingkindness practice but tailored specifically to cultivate self-compassion.

(31 minutes)

Guided by Deb Phelps


Healthy Boundaries Guided Meditation

This guided meditation assists in establishing good healthy boundaries and the freedom of life you can enjoy when you do so. You no longer need remain a victim in the face of what is done to you. You have another choice. (35 minutes)

Guided by Deb Phelps


What Clients Say

Some of our clients speak of their transformation through meditating with Deb
Gayle Bartlett

Gayle Bartlett

Business Owner

"Deb's authenticity, genuineness, and commitment to a life centered on living meditatively shines forth in every meditation or body of work she is guided to provide. I highly recommend anything she creates, life-transforming!"

Louis Wellington

Louis Wellington

Accountant and Singer/Musician

"I am on my 29th straight day of meditation with your class. For my entire adult life, I have tried meditation and was never able to do more than 2 to 3 days in a row."

Rachel Taylor

Rachel Taylor


"I opted for the personal meditation instruction and I am so glad I did it! It has made such a huge difference in my life to have Deb's gentle teaching of the techniques. My life has changed and I have less anxiety and am profoundly happy. Thanks!"

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